Picchiotti Gluten Free Fusilli 250g

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Beautiful tight curls of delicious fresh Italian pasta ready for the display fridge in an attractive upright carboard display box with 30 day shelf life. Made in Tuscany by a respected multi-generational family owned business, Picchiotti Gluten Free Fusilli is made using real egg yolk and authentic bronze die pasta makers. Bronze creates friction with makes a rough surface on the outside of the pasta to which the sauce sticks. Being fresh it cooks to al dente in 3-4 minutes and perfect for your pesto, arrabiata, or Napoli sauce. It is made to the Australian gluten free standard which means it contains ‘no detectable gluten’. But it is the flavour and texture that really sells this pasta. It cooks, looks and eats just like the best bronze die 00 semolina Italian pasta with great, deep traditional flavour. That it happens to be gluten free is an added bonus.

Gluten free

Refrigerated product

Country of Origin - Italy


7 units per carton