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Raw Materials began in 2002 with the vision of providing fantastic quality gourmet groceries to countless food stores Australia wide. We are an experienced importer and national distribution company supplying goods to Independant retailers. Your partner in gourmet foods sourced from around the world that are unique, of exceptional quality and outstanding value for money. Our aim is to inspire consumers to cook, entertain and enjoy eating through exceptional food. 


Feature Brand

Murray River Salt

At the heart of Murray River Salt lies a deeply touching tale, woven with passion, purpose, and a generous serving of culinary pleasure. The narrative unfolds in 1983, with Duncan and Jan embarking on their remarkable SunSalt journey, two culinary luminaries committed to perfecting their craft through exacting techniques. Fast forward to the year 2001, they unveiled to the world to their iconic Pink Salt Flakes, which have now become a household favourite.

Their journey, however, extends beyond the kitchen. They are also ardent eco-warriors, steadfastly safeguarding our precious water resources in the ongoing battle against salinity within the Murray Darling Basin Region. The Mourquong Salt Mitigation Basin is a vital facility for managing ongoing salinity reduction.  The operations at this site enable the company to utilise the staggering 200 tonnes of salt that is diverted from otherwise entering the Murray River every single day.  The remarkable by-product of this endeavour is the gourmet Pink Salt Flakes.

With every sprinkle, seasoning, and embellishment in your culinary creations with this salt, you are actively participating in Mother Earth's sigh of relief, right here in the Australian backyard. Furthermore, the company's commitment extends to making their products readily available through an extensive network of stockists, ensuring that the prizewinning Pink Salt Flakes easily reach your kitchen, enhancing your dishes and supporting a cleaner environment simultaneously.