The Ultimate Hamper

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Allan’s Ultimate Hamper has been specially selected by Allan Campion, founder of Melbourne Food Experiences. Crack the lid on a jar of Mrs Darlingtons Baby Onions and try to stop at just one. Whizz up the ultimate salad dressing with Valdezarza EVOO, Dijon Mustard and Capirete Sherry Vinegar. Brush the wild Tasmanian honey onto lamb kebabs or fillet of beef and sprinkle with Bolero sweet smoked paprika, then BBQ to tasty perfection. Choose from the awesome selection of Blanxart Chocolate bars for the ultimate after-dinner snack. *Wild Tasmanian Honey 1 x 330g - This wild honey is sourced from a pristine Tasmanian environment. A delicious sweet almond flavour comes through. This wild honey contains no additives and is a great source of anti-oxidants. *Valdezanza olive oil 1 x 500ml - Valdezarza is a family company from Toledo in Spain, a region famous for producing the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. *Marcel Recorbet Dijon Mustard 1 x 200g - Located in the heart of the Alps near Grenoble Marcel Recorbet produce the finest range of French condiments made to artisan methods. Smooth, creamy and slightly sharp with a beautiful vinegar finish. *Mrs Darlingtons Baby Onions in Balsamic 1 x 450g - Sarah Darlington marinates super tiny Silverskin onions in sweet balsamic vinegar. Add these little guys to an antipasto platter, they are sure to whet the appetite! *4 year Capirete Sherry Vinegar 1 x 375ml - Since 1933 the Jose Paez Lobato family have been producing the finest sherry vinegar from their ‘Bodega’ or cellar in the Jerez region of Andalucía in Spain. *Bolero Paprika Smoked Sweet 1 x 90g - Capsicum anum peppers are lightly smoked over an oak fire as they dry, then ground to a powder. The result is a rich, mellow flavoured spice with a brilliant red colour. *Murray River Refillable Grinder 1 x 60g - This light pink salt is naturally produced from underground brines in the Murray Darling Basin. By using this salt you are assisting in the serious problem of salinity. *Ines Rosales Original EVOO Tortas 1 x 180g - These traditional snacks have been made with a third extra virgin olive oil by the same method since 1910. These moorish flaky discs lightly flavoured with sesame and anise. *Giuseppe Linguine 1 x 500g - This Bronze die extruded 100% Durum Wheat Linguine ("Little Tongues") cooks to perfection in 10 minutes. *Giuseppe Spaghetti 1 x 500g - This Bronze die 100% Durum Wheat Spaghetti – ("A length of Cord") is Italy's favourite shape. *RM Tomato Pasta Sauce 1 x 500g - A rich tomato pasta sauce ready to heat and eat. Careful slow cooking achieves a full flavour. *Blanxart Chocolate Milk 48% 1 x 125g + 60% 1 x 125g + 80% 1 x 125g - The history of Blanxart starts in 1954, in a workshop located in the Les Corts neighbourhood of Barcelona. It is one of the most prestigious artisan chocolate factories that remains loyal to its origins. Contents may vary due to availability.