180 Acres Vintage Wax Cheddar 150g

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Lush green paddocks and content cows deliver the freshest milk. Using traditional methods and exceptional milk, 180 Acres create premium quality dairy products to be savoured and enjoyed. Aged in wax, this Australian Vintage Cheddar from 180 Acres has been matured for 12 months. The 180 Acres cheddar range also includes a creamy cheddar and smoked cheddar. Serving suggestion - Remember the Ploughmans lunch? 180 Acres Vintage Cheddar, crisp Bolero cornichons, some little Mrs Darlington's picked onions, a few VOG Manzanillo Olives and a good wedge of fresh bread. Maybe up the anti a little with a few luxurious slices of Serrano Ham. Gluten Free.