L'Escala Anchovies in Olive Oil 50g

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The town of L’Escala has one of the longest maritime traditions of any village in Catalonia. From the fishermen’s village of the early 20th century, it has evolved yet still holds tight to and preserves the traditional methods of fishing and processing anchovies. For centuries, this Mediterranean village has been closely tied to anchovy production and is a benchmark denomination for this product. Anxoves de L'escala have been salting and packing anchovies since 1940. The exacting selection and preparation of the best fish available allow an exquisite product of exceptional quality with unique texture and flavour. The women of L’Escala have always been the ones to clean, salt and carefully pack the anchovies into barrels, to fillet and lay them one-by-one into their special tins. This traditional method, created by women born in this town, has been repeated over the years, being passed down from mothers to daughters. It requires great care and the expertise that has preserved this process since the first generation of anchovy women. These anchovies are incredibly plump, dressed in olive oil and are not too salty. Gluten Free.