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Raw Materials News & Media

Raw Materials’ impressive range of premium local and imported foods has been credited in various Australian publications; from broadsheet national newspapers to well-known glossy food and lifestyle magazines such as Vogue Entertaining + Travel, Delicious, Your Garden and Australian Home Beautiful. Browse through the coverage and read what everyone is raving about!

 Country Style Flavours 2017 Australian Retailer Jan 17  The Age Epicure November 2016

2017- Country Style - Flavours. Vine Dried. Murray River Organics in Mildura, Victoria offer five grape varieties dried on the stem. ...


2017- The Austalian Retailer - What's Hot. Manomasa are all about the celebration of the real tortilla chip, taking instipration from street flavours ...


2016- The Age. Epicure Good Food. - Cover Story: In search of the perfect ham. 3. Best Mid-range Ham. Yarravalley Smokehouse Free Range Leg Ham on the Bone ...


Jetstar Magazine Nov 16 Gourmet Traveller October 16 QHA Review MK Meals July 16

2016- Jetstar Magazine - Gift Giude. Gourmet gifting. 1. RAW MATERIALS A Taste of Christmas Hamper ...


2016 Gourmet Traveller. C’EST CHEESE Cheese, as any French cook will tell you, equals instant entertaining. Marinated chèvre from Victoria’s 180 Acres is great in an emergency: open the jar ... Download  2016 QHA Review. What's Hot. This month, it’s all about doing more with less... Moredough Kitchens is an Australian-owned and -made business focused on using local products Download
 Donna Hay March 16  Epicure Feb 16 Delicious Magazine October 15

2016- Donna Hay Magazine - Staff Short Cuts. Refresh your simple summer cooking repertoire with a few of our favourite store-bought essentials. Download

 2016 The Age, Epicure Good Food. Top 10 jars that cut the mustard. The best of Provence: Marcel Recorbet DijonMustardwith Herbs of Provence  ... Download

2015 - Delicious. Top Notch, ready-to-go Asain Master Stock by Moredough Kitchens. Hello five minute pho!


Good Health Soup August 15  Melbourne Weekly Soup Article 080715  The Age Five of a Kind Soup 080715
 2015 - Good Health. Super Starts. Keep the cold with the best soup buys this season. Moredough Kitchens Cherry Tomato & Smoked Papkira Soup  ... Download  2015 - Melbourne Weekly. Eat & Drik, on the Menu. The Find. Known for thier stocks Moredough Kitchens has released a quality range of soups ... Download  2015 - The Age. Food, Five of a Kind. Moredough Kithcens Minestrone. First they mastered the art of stock, then Moredough Kitchens made the next logical ... Download
 WA Fresh Soup May 15  Aust Retailer June 15 Crostini Aust Retailer May 2015 MK Soup
 2015 - Western Australian Fresh. Super Soups to Warm the Heart. W've just discovered some ready-made soups that rock. the Moredough Kitchens range is as close to homemade as you can get and includes ... Download  2015 - Australian Retailer. A Little Crunchy Slice of Italy.  Italian for little toasts, Giuseppe crostinis are sliced, brushed with olive oil and toasted to crisp perfection. Perfect with any of the Giuseppe pestos for a chip and dip, the crostinis can also be ... Download 2015 - Retail World. What's New. From Moredough Kitchens. Veteran Caterer Mandy Gray founded Moredough Kitchens in 2005, beginning with a range of full flavoured cooking stocks made just the way they ... Download
 Aust Retailer Soup May 15  Gourmet Traveller April 2015  WA Fresh April 2015
2015 - The Australian Retailer.Soup for the Soul. Moredough Kitchens, which produces a range of cooking stocks is proud to announce the arrival of it's new soups ... Download  2015 - Gourmet Traveller. Tasting. Basket Case. We've been on a hunt for the best Easter eggs and we're chocker with the countries finest. Here are the greatest hits  ... Download  2015 - WA Fresh.  Spanish Mouthful. Feliubadalo salsas have long been a part of Barcelona's iconic Boqueria Market and now they're available in WA. ... Download
Aust Retailer March 2015 LaCuna Aust Retailer March 2015 Petuna  Aust Retailer April 2015
2015 - Aust Retailer. Create the taste of Spain. La Cuna hails from Palamos, a Spanish village on the Costa Brava, in the province of Girona renown for its stunning beauty, medieval villages, beaches ... Download 2015 - Aust Retailer. Grab 'n' Go Convenience Meals. Petuna Atlantic Salmon has a smooth flavour and succulent texture. Rich in omega 3, the delicious taste in enhanced by a natural cold smoking thechnique ... Download 2015 - Aust Retailer. Bring the taste of Spain to the kitchen. The Feliubadalo range has been at home in Barcelona's emblematic Boqueria Market since the start of the 20th century ... Download
Gram Magazine Article December 2014 SMH Quick Bites Article December 2014 The Aust Retailer Petuna Article Dec 2014
2014 - Gram. Finding the pwerfect gift for someone is an art. At Raw Materials we have a passion for providing quality groceries to countless foodlovers - Australia wide. Our aim is to inspire consumers to cook, entertain and enjoy eating ... Download 2014 - Sydney Morning Herald Quick Bites. I'm not sure what's best about this, the fab retro packaging or the fact that it holds a dinky single-serve panettoni the size of a muffin ... Download 2014 - Aust. Retailer. What's Hot. Petuna Salmon was established in Tasmania 50 years ago by Peter and Una Rockcliff. Petuna is one of the few producers in Tasmania and wider Australia that maintains close control over the quality of the end product ... Download
Gourmet Traveller Article October 2014 Gourmet Traveller Article August 2014  Aust Retailer Article July 2014
2014 - Gourmet Traveller. Gourmet News. Cannery row. Are all anchovies created equal? We popped some top-dollar tins to find out.Though there’s many a diner who considers the anchovy a singular horror, unvaryingin its ghastliness, those of us who have acquired the taste tend to be pretty passionate ... Download

2014 - Gourmet Traveller. Gourmet News. PICK AND MIX There’s no tastier way to get acquainted with the work of premium Catalan chocolate company Blanxart than their samplers, flavoured with everything from yoghurt ... Download

 2014 - Aust. Retailer. Meet the Family. Gray family – Raw Materials Andrew and Mandy Gray founded Raw Materials in 2002. Operating out of Melbourne, the husband-and-wife team shared the vision  ... Download p1   page 2
Delicious Article July 2014  Aust Retailer John John June 14  Aust Retailer Article May 14
2014 - Delicious. Insider. Retro Appeal. We're loving classic biscuits by All Things Nice, mage the old fashioned way with good-quality ingredients. Try choc fudge with cashew ... Download

2014 - Aust. Retailer. The taste of tradition. John and John have combined old English potato varieties with carefully selected spices to create an extra crunchy, extra tasty handcooked ... Download

2014 - Aust Retailer. Good old-fashioned treats. What are biscuits made of? According to andy Gray, chief executive officer of Moredough Kitchens, they’re made of wonderful   ... Download
 WA Fresh Food News Tortas April 14  WA Fresh Food News  Aust Retailer Article April 14
2014 -  The Western Australian Fresh. Food News. Sweet Olive Oil Biscuits. We Just love the Tortas de Aceite by Ines Rosales with our morning cuppa ... Download   2014 -  The Western Australian Fresh. Food News. Not only do we love the packaging of this Italian treat but what's inside is truly special ... Jellied Treasures of any occasion ... Download    2014 -  The Australian Retailer. Entertain in Fuss-Free Style. Vol au vents never go ut of stule and these tart shells will help make entertaining a breezel ... Download
Gourmet Traveller Easter Feast Article  Aust. Retailer Giuseppe Article  Weekly Review Easter Draw 
 2014 - Gourmet Traveller. Dark Arts. Whichever way you like to play your Easter cocoa overdose, the nation’s chocolatiers and importers have you covered with a bumper crop of exotica ... Download  2014 - The Australian Retailer. The Taste of Italy. The Giuseppe range is continuing to grow with the introduction of three new flavours to the pasta sauce range ... Download  2014 - The Weekly Review The Treat - Hamper Giveaway. Gourmet Grocer Raw materials has sourced a classic trio of Easter Goodies for 2014 ... Download 
The Age - Hot Boys Sauce Story The Australian Retailer - Moredough Kitchens Shellfish Stock The Age Epicure - Top Chocs Story
2013 - The Age Epicure Taste Test: Hot, Hotter, Hottest On tables around the country, hot sauce is the new cool kid ...Download 2013 - The Australian Retailer Moredough Kitchens Shellfish Stock A great tasty addition to any pantry Moredough Kitchens Shellfish Stock is a wonderful ingredient...Download 2013 - The Age Epicure Top Chocs Richard Cornish assembled chocolate lovers and food professionals to taste tst more than 20 popular chocolate bars..Download
The weekly review - Raw Materials Hamper Giveaway Frankie Magazine Features Hansi Lemonade The Australian retailer - Hot Product Deliciously delectable
2013 - The Weekly Review The Ingredient - Hamper Giveaway ... Download 2013 - Frankie Hansi Lemonade ...  Download 2013 - The Australian Retailer Hot Product Deliciously delectable ... Download
The Australian Retailer - Taste the Flavour June 2013 The Age - Kitchen Spy The Australian retailer - Tis the Season for indulgence
2013 - The Australian Retailer Hot Product:Taste the Flavour ... Download 2013 - The Age Epicure Kitchen Spy: Unexpected Guest Muesli ... Download 2013 - The Australian Retailer Hot Product:'Tis the Season for Indulgence Download
Australian Retailer - Moredough Kitchens Shellfish The Age Epicure - July 30 2013 Raw Materials Salt  WA Fresh
2013 - The Australian Retailer Hot Product: Get Saucy in the Kitchen Download 2013 - The Age Epicure Kitchen Spy: Anthony Puharich & RM SaltDownload 2013 - The WA Fresh Food News: Brits Master The Crisp Download
The Australian retailer - Healthy Green & delicious The Australian retailer - A taste of Luxury Delicious Mag - You Say Potato
2013 - The Australian Retailer Healthy & Green Feature: Lushly Delicious Download 2013 - The Australian Retailer Hot Product: The Taste of Luxury Download 2013 - Delicious Insider: You say Potato Download
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